Final Ranking 2024

A heartfelt thank you from IDA (International Dance Association)

This thanks goes to all the schools, dancers, choreographers and parents who have believed and have believed in us for 19 years.

In thanking you, we also want to congratulate you on the successes achieved, which speak of dedication, passion, technique and love for dance. We are aware of the great work done so far and what you will carry forward from today onwards. We, like you, believe in the great value of dance and this is what each choreography in the competition conveyed. Thanks once again for the emotions.

Hoping to see you again for the 20th edition in February 2025, today, our hope is to have given each of you a precious moment, to remember and, for this reason, the winning takes second place, because what really matters is having lived a true and satisfying experience, a growth experience that is not just worth a few minutes, but which is the result of months of work, is the result of learning, encouragement, smiles and hugs which, we know, they are the real fire of the studio work.
You, all of you, are the protagonists of this splendid competition, on an exciting stage and in front of a prestigious jury and an always enthusiastic audience.

Thanks for making this event great.
You are Expression IDC (international Dance Competition)!

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Below are the final rankings and scholarship winners of the 2024 edition of Expression International Dance Competition.